Bill O’Brien says he didn’t see video of Tom Savage shaking

Texans coach Bill O’Brien reiterated Monday that he did not really see the hit quarterback Tom Savage took when it happened but said if he had seen the video — he cannot see it on the sideline — he “would have never let [him] back in the game.”

“We didn’t want to happen what happened last game,” Holiday said. “That’s all that we kept on talking about.”

Simmons, who played one season at LSU before being selected first overall in the 2016 draft, had 27 points and 10 rebounds. He dazzled the crowd with a handful of explosive, driving dunks, including a reverse jam along the baseline that had the Sixers as close as 108-107 with 7:26 left.

But Holiday and Davis responded with 3s to make it 114-107.

Gettleman to the Giants makes sense – he worked for the organization under former GM Ernie Accorsi for more than 10 years, and Accorsi, who is consulting with Mara during the hiring process, holds Gettleman in high regard, having recommended him for the Panthers job. Some around the league believe Accorsi will “essentially be making the hire,” and the move would fit with the “insular nature of the Giants organization,” PFT notes.

Gettleman was hired by the Panthers in January 2013 and unexpectedly fired this past July.

Listing potential candidate for the Giants GM job, wrote, “perhaps a combination of (Giants exec and interim GM Kevin Abrams and Gettleman) turns out to be an appealing choice.”royals_011

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