Brown has not been himself since being away from the team in late November.

Now dealing with eye inflammation which will cause him to wear protective goggles and at a salary that’s been hard to justify, there are plenty of reasons to fade him. Brown has exceeded his season-average fantasy points just once since November 25. Chicago is a reasonably good matchup for opposing 2-guards and ranks 26th in defensive efficiency. This game could get out of hand, and the Celtics could elect to get Brown some additional rest. All in all, he’s overpriced for what he’s been doing, and there aren’t enough indicators that things are going to change for the better to risk it.?

While Yankee Stadium has a reputation for being a great venue for left-handed power (and also shows its most noticeable park-measurement differences compared to Miami’s Marlins Park in the right-center and right-field areas), in the past five seasons combined, Yankee Stadium had the second-highest right-handed home run factor (1.288, behind only Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park’s 1.312, with these my own calculations following the Park Factor formula), compared to Marlins Park’s 27th-ranked 0.848.

Hines Ward peeled back for a block on Cincinnati’s Keith Rivers and delivered a hit that caused a season-ending broken jaw and led to a rule change in the NFL outlawing high, blind-side hits. “I’ll still hit him,” Ward told USA Today the following season. “I’ll just get fined. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Pittsburgh linebacker Terence Garvin delivered another big-time blow, this time on Cincinnati punter Kevin Huber during an Antonio Brown punt return. The hit ended Huber’s season; he suffered a fracture in both his jaw and his neck on the play. panthers_118

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