As John Dorsey steps in, Browns show they’re closer than they look

From somewhere, John Dorsey was watching the new team he’s running. He probably saw some silver linings. But his job is to look for the clouds. There were plenty of both.

About 30 seconds after news broke Thursday that Sashi Brown had been fired a month before his second season was to end, speculation began that the Browns were likely chasing a candidate and wanted to keep him away from the Giants, who also were in the GM hunt. To the surprise of no one, ESPN reported Sunday morning that, yes, Dorsey was scheduled to interview with the Giants this week.

Josh McCown did his best to hold up all the way to the end at age 38, but history said it would end at some point. The Jets have had a lot of positives in a so-so season, but the shutout loss in Denver was more in line with the form they were expected to show — and displayed way back in Weeks 1 and 2.

The Redskins’ spirit seems to have been broken with their multitude of key injuries, which are mostly affecting the offensive line and running game. Washington, out of the playoff race, needs to finish well to save face.

The most precious post-awards cargo wasn’t engraved onto the nameplate of a statue. It was engraved in the memory banks of the players, all of whom have at least one more gigantic game remaining in their season.

“We’re all gathering intel, man,” Mayfield confessed last Thursday morning, as the 27 nominees for that night’s College Football Awards gathered in a meeting room at the College Football Hall of Fame. When the soon-to-be Heisman winner arrived for a morning media Q&A session, he and Oklahoma teammate Orlando Brown made a beeline for Quenton Nelson, immediately peppering the Notre Dame offensive lineman with questions. Why? Because back in Week 2 the Irish faced off against Georgia. And guess who Oklahoma plays in the College Football Playoff semifinals on New Year’s Day?

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