Brooks, though, wasn’t upset about the mistake.

“I never complain about tough decisions and tough plays at the end of the game that referees have to make,” he said.

According to the NBA Pool Report, officiating crew chief Bill Spooner explained that the rule in question is Rule 13 section 1A-5, which states: “A play concludes (i) with no time remaining on the clock (0:00) at the end of any period or (ii) at a point when the game officials believe that actual time may have expired in any period; and the officials are reasonably certain that the game clock malfunctioned during the play.”

“Referees on the field tell you everything’s legal,” Arians said. “We have video now on the sideline. That’s the biggest nemesis for officials now (laughs). You feel like it’s not legal and you can’t get an answer and then on Tuesday or Wednesday you get confirmation (from the NFL) that, yes, it was illegal.

“Ron Tolbert is a great referee. I had no problems with asking him anything. But it’s the after-the-fact things. You send the tapes in and it’s, ‘Yeah, that should have been called, that should have been called, that should have been called,’ but it’s not and you get very frustrated with it. To me, it’s just the inconsistency.”

What’s more, Tatum is shooting a staggering 66.7 percent in those situations, the highest shooting percentage among any player in the top 25 in total clutch points.

“Some people have it and some people don’t. It’s just as simple as that,” said Kyrie Irving, who is second in clutch points, trailing only former teammate LeBron James. “I think [Tatum has] pretty much shown that he can play, as people say, with the big boys at the end of the game, without wavering in terms of his decision-making or anything like that. He trusts what we have going on and he knows where his opportunities will be, especially down the stretch.”

Tatum finished with 11 points on Sunday, one of five Celtics players in double figures in a game that won’t be remember for his offensive beauty. Boston led by as much as 18 but the Pistons made a late surge.chargers_029-180x180

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