The Eagles have homefield advantage in the NFC, but they are not playing like a No. 1 seed.

The MVP case for Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has gotten stronger since he tore an ACL in a 43-35 win over the Rams on Dec. 10.

The Eagles have gone 2-1 since, but the offense has struggled with Nick Foles at quarterback. Foles threw four touchdown passes against a two-win Giants team in his first start but has gone 23 of 49 with a touchdown and two interceptions the past two weeks, and the Eagles ended the regular season with a 6-0 loss to the Cowboys.

As each year passed in his NFL career, the only postseason achievement Casey could take solace in was individual success as a three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle. The Titans hadn’t reached the playoffs since 2009, which is two years before Casey joined the club as a 2011 third-round draft choice.

That streak finally ended at 3,278 days ended thanks to last Sunday’s 15-10 win over Jacksonville — and not a moment too soon for Casey.

Now general manager Bob Quinn — who, it’s been noted often, inherited Caldwell two years ago — gets to bring in his own choice as coach. That coach will get a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who is going into his 10th season, who had his best seasons and most playoff appearances under Caldwell and who has still not taken the team to the heights expected of the first overall pick in 2009.

Worth noting: Quinn’s front-office roots are in the Patriots organization. With that in mind, these names will be among the ones consider to replace Caldwell.

Brady and coach New England coach Bill Belichick will make sure that doesn’t recur if the Chiefs are their divisional round opponent. But in my scenario, the Bills will face the Pats and the Chiefs will head to Steeltown. In any event, it should just be a warmup for the main event: the AFC title game rematch of Pittsburgh at New England.lions_018

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