Locking down Stafford needed to be a priority for the Lions this offseason.

Early in the episode, head coach Dirk Koetter tells Gerald McCoy that there’s a little girl dancing in the crowd watching practice. He encourages McCoy to go see if she’ll come dance with him. McCoy, because he is nothing short of a delight in every possible way, does exactly that. And this little kid’s dad was AMPED about it.

This is Tootsie Roll. She’s blurry because she’s having too much fun running around trying to catch a frisbee Winston is throwing for her.

Rookie Chris Godwin, a third-round pick out of Penn State, has played well this preseason and performed in camp. Part of that is due to the fact that his girlfriend, Mariah, is kind of a badass and helps him train. But the best part of this look into the happy couple’s relationship was the moment she unintentionally roasted the hell out of her boyfriend.

Locking down Stafford needed to be a priority for the Lions this offseason. This new deal will keep the Lions passing game clicking into the next decade — and should make Golden Tate pretty happy in the process.

His new deal continues a trend of escalating contracts for the league’s upper-tier quarterbacks. Andrew Luck reset the market last summer with a six-year, $140 million deal that included $87 million in guarantees. That was the NFL’s high-water mark until an ascending Carr topped it. With salary caps rising and quarterback play more important than ever, franchises — except for the one in Washington — are spending big to ensure a steady hand at the helm of their offense.

It’s a ton of money to spend on a player with no All-Pro selections and just one Pro Bowl invite to his name, but Stafford’s steady playmaking and growth make it a sound investment. He was on the short list of MVP candidates after leading the Lions to a 9-4 start in 2016. However, a dislocated finger sheared his accuracy and trapped the team in a free fall to end the season.
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