Ravens work out Michael Floyd

Receiver Michael Floyd worked out for the Ravens on Friday, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

It’s the first known interest in Floyd since free agency began.

The Patriots through their personnel changes are good at discovering strengths, which allows them to be laser-focused about personnel acquisition to maximize their spending. Belichick gets a ton of credit for his in-game and in-season adjustments, but he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how he adjusts in free agency based on the Patriots’ salary-cap situation and what players are available.

Don’t be fooled by New England not spending as much as they have in recent years or seeing more familiar names leave in free agency. The Patriots are still getting down to the business of remaining a strong Super Bowl contender around Brady.

His new head coach sounds pretty excited about getting a chance to put Ebron front and center in the offense. Frank Reich outlined some of what he thinks the Colts will do with Ebron this season by making a comparison to a star in another sport.

“There is a lot of man coverage in this league — the league is going more and more man coverage — so, now you put an elite tight end on the backside, it’s like clearing it out for LeBron, or something, in basketball,” Reich said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Just get everybody on one side of the court and get this guy one-on-one. Well, that’s the analogy here. So, in football, get all the receivers on one side, get the back on the other side, and then just put the tight end back here and see what [the defense] does. And some teams will double him. And then you get a linebacker, you get a safety, and if you get a tight end like Ebron — and even when they have a corner on him, you feel like it’s still a winning matchup, because of his size and catch radius.”flames_011

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