The way Ted Thompson has put together the 2017 Green Bay Packers roster should be truly stunning to anyone familiar with his past tendencies.

Thompson signed a big-name free agent in Martellus Bennett, but that is actually not that surprising to me, considering he has landed players like Julius Peppers and Charles Woodson in the past.

Rather, it is Thompson’s sudden willingness to dip into the middle and lower tiers of free agency and the timing with which he did so that should be the biggest shocks.
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After racking up 159 total yards — which is a new Bears rookie season-opening record by the way — and leading the team with 66 rushing yards, 47 yards receiving, and 45 punt return yards, I’d say the answer is yes.

Still, a lot of the blame falls on Dalton. He started staring down receivers allowing the opportunistic defense to take advantage. He also got gun shy on a few throws instead opting to try and get out of the pocket, not to mention he cost the team points in the red zone, which is an absolute killer to morale and momentum.
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After the game Hekker received a two-year extension on his already existing four-year deal with the Rams, with $10 million guaranteed. Zodda argued in our little DM session that this was actually a bargain for how good he is and how much value he brings to the team. I speak for all of us in the Punt Posse when I say: Get that cheddar, Hekker.

We expected this out of Lynch, especially after his first press conference with the team, when he said, Every home game that I get to come to this motherfucker, I’m probably going to be riding with this whole town.
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