Seattle’s offense has looked lost since losing Marshawn Lynch last year.

If there was one Super Bowl-losing team in the history of Super Bowl-losing teams that needed to have a great performance in Week 1 the following season, it was the Falcons. They blew the biggest lead in Super Bowl history and spent an entire offseason hearing about it.

Despite bringing back nearly every key contributor, the threat of a Super Bowl hangover still loomed large in Atlanta. If there’s a team that’s going to have one, the Falcons are a prime candidate. Their history shows that there’s been plenty of pain and suffering in the past. What better way to add to the terribly long list than having a disappointing season after the most disappointing Super Bowl loss of all time?

You get what you pay for. So, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Seattle’s decision to assemble five random athletes in the same room and call them an offensive line hasn’t produced anything more than worry about Russell Wilson’s long-term health.

Supposedly, there’s a plan in place that will make it better, the rest of the offense just has to survive. Waiting for plans to pan out kind of sucks, though, but fans got a glimmer of hope this week thanks to running back Chris Carson.

The search for his replacement hasn’t been very fruitful either, but Carson may have claimed that role last week with a 20-carry, 93-yard effort, including a 14-yard run on the game-winning drive.

Panic index: A heightened state of concern is correct. However, if Carson can keep running like this, it’ll help the offensive line by backing off some of the pressure Wilson takes.
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