Sporting News provided live updates throughout Sunday’s game.

For pro football players, it’s no fun growing old. Adams won a big game Sunday and looked and acted perfectly fine afterward. It still didn’t feel right. Imagine what would’ve been said about the NFL and its concussion protocol had he taken another big shot to the helmet against Dallas.

As much as Adams earned his moment, the writing was quite literally on the wall. The sign in the Green Bay locker room said it’s time to “take brain injuries out of play.” In other words, it’s time for the NFL to give those injured brains at least one Sunday off.

We’ve reached the two-minute warning in Dallas. On the third down play, Rodgers completes a 7-yard pass to Davante Adams, moving the chains. The Packers will have a fresh set of downs just outside the red zone following the timeout.

Dallas calls its first timeout of the half with 2:29 to go in the second quarter. Green Bay will face a third-and-5 at the Cowboys 33 when play resumes.

Touchdown Cowboys. Make it three drives and three scores for the Cowboys to open the game. Three plays after converting on fourth down, Prescott floats a pass down the sideline to Dez Bryant who hauls it in the end zone for a 10-yard touchdown. Prescott has now thrown for three touchdowns in the game and Dallas leads 21-6.

Here’s how Green Bay came away with the last second victory.

It’s gone final in Dallas. The Cowboys run two plays in the final 11 seconds but fail to get into the end zone as Green Bay secures the win. Aaron Rodgers leads another fourth quarter comeback.

Dallas ends the third quarter with a six-point advantage. The Packers will have a first-and-goal from the Dallas 10-yard line with a chance to take the lead to start the fourth quarter.
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