Saints trying out a receiver who once ran a 4.22 40

The Saints are reasonably deep at wide receiver. But speed is something you can never have too much of.
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So they’re giving a look to a guy who once ran a 4.22-second 40-yard dash, just in case.

According to Christopher Dabe of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints have brought former track standout Kevin Snead in for a tryout.

No. 1, when you say the word Colts, the first thing that probably pops in my head are these — God rest his soul, I love my father, and I miss him dearly — but he had these hideous Colts sweats that he wore.

They were faded, they were torn too much. He was a huge Colts fan. And I got a brother-in-law who’s a huge Bears fan. And growing up I remember it was Richard Dent, Dave Duerson, Mike Singletary, Wilber Marshall, Gary Fencik — I can remember that like it was yesterday. I was probably 7 or 8 years old at the time. We were probably as close to Chicago as we were to Indy, living just outside of South Bend, Ind., so you’re a little bit of both. But I’ll probably have to ride the fence a little bit just because my first NFL game I ever went to was a Colts game, and it was amazing. We had nosebleed seats but it didn’t matter.

Like most of the players on this list, Garciaparra’s decision to choose college over money worked out well. Instead of turning pro, he chose to play college ball at Georgia Tech, where he teamed with Jason Varitek and Jay Payton, among others, to turn the Yellow Jackets into one of the nation’s best teams. And then Garciaparra’s pro career was pretty solid, too, eh?

The father’s name is George. The young boy’s name is Jamal.

As a G.A. Giant, we didn’t lose, George Adams told The Post by phone. I gave the ball to J., he got the first down, and they came out and measured and then they said, ‘No, no, no. We gotta remeasure.’ So they didn’t give us a first down, so they got the ball and Bart Starr Jersey they scored and we lost.

He cried like a baby. So what I told him, I said, ‘That’s life. That’s football. You’re gonna get some people to say one thing and it’s another, but the thing is, I’m teaching you how to lose.’ And that really just didn’t set with him, Michael Frolik Youth Jersey because he just don’t like losing.

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