Tom Brady unperturbed by concussions in NFL

Limiting concussions has become a major focal point for the NFL in recent years, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t nearly as worried about them.

“I’m not oblivious to them,” Brady said in a CBS Sunday Morning interview, via the Associated Press. “I mean, I understand the risks that come with the physical nature of our game.”

Brady, 40, is not among the most mobile quarterbacks in the league, which makes him susceptible to heavy hits. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, stated earlier this year that she is worried about Brady’s long-term health.

Fresh off a Super Bowl win, Brady does not have retirement on his mind just yet. But when he does hang up his cleats, he’d like it to be his own decision.

“Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder on the important issue of player health and safety,” CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said. “We have developed and agreed upon these changes in the spirit of partnership and in pursuit of a shared goal: making the game we all love safer for the elite athletes who thrill our fans with their skill and talent”

Teams had previously been allowed to hold padded practices during training camp in addition to 17 days during the season, although those workouts will be eradicated.

The league will also extend its season from 20 to 21 weeks in an effort to lessen the risk of injury and help players rest more by decreasing the number of short turnarounds between games. Furthermore, teams will have three bye weeks instead of two.
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