We already saw the best case scenario for Dalton.

The team’s offensive line was among the best in football in 2015 and he had A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones — each of whom are among the 16 receivers making at least $6 million in 2017 — at his disposal. A thumb injury spoiled a good season, but it wasn’t a great one.

Seventeen quarterbacks had more yards per game that year than Dalton. And then Sanu and Jones signed elsewhere in free agency, and Hue Jackson left his job as Bengals offensive coordinator to become head coach of the Browns.

Even if the Bengals spend the next few seasons surrounding him with a new offensive line and find another crop of talented receivers — a task easier said than done — is there reason to think it would be enough to make a winner?

“None. We don’t see him as a problem for us,” he said.

It’s a bold statement from a defender who was a part of the 17th ranked defense last season. Also considering the fact that Cutler is 2-1 in his career against the Chargers with 786 passing yards and four touchdowns Ingram may want to rethink his statement.

However, Cutler has thrown four interceptions in those games in addition to completing just 57 percent of his passes so maybe Ingram has a point.

“Jay’s a heck of a quarterback,” Lynn told reporters Thursday. “He’s got a big arm. He has some escapability. I remember him running around in Denver, keeping the ball. He made a lot of plays off schedule. That’s when he’s most dangerous. Those are the plays you can’t prepare for. He’s kind of a wild card.”
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